Want The Shortcut to Using Essential Oils Safely, Effectively, & Confidently?
This Is The Same Shortcut Has Taught Over 30,000 People How to Use Oils!
2 years ago after my son was born, I became aware of all of the toxins in my home. I wanted to use essential oils, but there was so much contradictory information.

It's confusing not knowing who to believe, what you need, or even how to get started. So I want to offer you this because you're new to my community.

Because this will give you a shortcut to getting the results you want from essential oils. It's my book, The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Essential Oils.
Helpful dilution information, essential oils to avoid, and more oil safety information to keep you from making common mistakes.
You will see which oils work best for starting out, different methods for using oils, and step by step instructions for getting started. 
Keep the paperback book right next to your oils. And when you need a recipe, flip open 165 reliable and effective oil recipes.
Proof This Essential Oils Guide Has ALREADY Dramatically Changed Entire Families And Lives Of Countless People Around The World!
Here’s What People Are Saying:


I'm a beginner, but a believer! I got a copy of your book and it is very helpful; easy to use as a reference."


Very informative. Am really getting into essential oils. This book helped me to understand when to where to use E.O.
What Is This Book About?
This book was specifically created for getting started. Even if you're a beginner, you can now enjoy everything essential oils have to offer. Get these recipes today and follow along by learning practical, safe, and effective methods to blend and use essential oils everyday.

Here's What You'll Learn From This Amazing Book:
  •  41 of the most common essential oils
  •  14 Diffuser blends
  •  44 Topical blends
  •  33 Household recipes
  •  Plus more!
  •  Safe Oils for Kids: Includes all known safe oils to use with kids of varying ages from Toddlers and Babies, 3-6 years old, 6+ years old, to Teens
  •  How to Build Your Own Essential Oil Tool Kits
  •  How to do an Essential Oil Patch Test to test for an allergy
  •  How to Tell If a Company Has Quality Essential Oils
"I'm fairly new to essential oils, and this book is perfect for learning." - Brenda G.
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The Beginner's Guide Will Help You To...
  •  Get started with essential oils, without hurting yourself or others...
  •  Shortcut your way to get amazing results for your friends and family with natural alternatives...
  •  Make essential oils work for you, to create health and healing in your home
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The Essential Oil Recipes in This Guide Can Change Your Life
You know when you get a headache, and you're like "oh my gosh I need to take Tylenol"...

I have just been using this. 

I'm about to put some peppermint essential oils in my necklace because I have a headache. It smells so good. 

- Devon from DevonRobertsFamily on YouTub
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