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"It Really Has a Wonderful Calming Effect Without All the Harsh Chemical Medications. "
I am so impressed with Naturally Made Essentials.

Before I ever came to know Naturally Made Essentials, I had to research essential oils through Google, books, magazines... anything I could get my hands on. I asked everyone and everybody. I started out with buying just a few at our local discount store. And from there I got more comfortable. 

I suffer depression, degenerative disk disease, I have lower back issues. And my husband has herniated disks. I have started him on it with a coconut base oil. 

It has been absolutely amazing. I just want to say to everyone... Thank you! Thank you! 

And if you have not tried this on yourself, your husband—I have an ADD child and I use it on him—the lavender essense is wonderful for sleep. I spray his bed. 

It really has a wonderful calming effect without all the harsh chemical medications. 

I just can't say enough of how much I love it, and I will never go anywhere else for any of my essential oils.
Essential Oils Can Change Your Life
You know when you get a headache, and you're like "oh my gosh I need to take Tylenol"...

I have just been using this. 

I'm about to put some peppermint essential oils in my necklace because I have a headache.  It smells so good. 

- Devon from DevonRobertsFamily on YouTube
 Here's What Other People Are Saying:
I can sleep at night

"I use my Lavender in my diffuser at night so I can sleep."
- Carla M.
It helped to take a whiff

“This is my first full week wearing my new necklace with lavender in it. I am on anxiety medicine, but this week every time I felt anxious it helped to take a nice whiff of this scent. I love it!”
- Amy H.
It calms me

"I love the lavender oil! It calms me. And helps with my anxiety. I will be ordering more oils in the future."
- Lynne A.
The aroma is wonderful

"I love Lavender, this Essential Oil is very mild and the aroma is wonderful”
- Mary M.
It helps me relax

"This is my favorite oil. It helps me to relax when I’m anxious and fall asleep faster. I wear it on my diffuser necklace too.”
- Jessica C.
Just the right balance

"Delightful lavendar sent, not to powerful but not to light either, just the right balance."
- Norine T.
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